The Gospel for my messy life …

I was raised singing the old hymns of the church throughout the ages. I still enjoy and love the old hymns. Why do I love the hymns? Because I love biblical theology! They have theological depth. They confess, teach and proclaim solid biblical truths. They are saturated with Christ-centered, Cross-focused, Gospel-driven and Spirit-empowered lyrics. They also remind and reaffirm to us the character and attributes of God, the Person and Work of Jesus Christ, the reality of our sinfulness, redemption and grace.

I highly recommend these website links that have solid Gospel-centered, Christ-centered music, such as:


Keith Getty is a Northern Irish composer, best known for pioneering modern hymns. Many of his songs are co-written with his wife, Kristyn Getty, and veteran British songwriter Stuart Townend. The most widely used of the Getty-Townend hymns are “In Christ Alone”, “The Power of the Cross”, and “Speak, O Lord”. Keith and Kristyn Getty are currently living in the United States where they write music and tour. -

Grace and Peace,


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