The Gospel for my messy life …

The “poem” comes from Philip Brewer (“paradoxes of a Christian man”) … the Celtic knot background recalls a symbol from the cover of “The Promise of Paradox” (by Parker J. Palmer) … the tune (Picardy) recalls a favorite anthem, “Christus Paradox”…

Altogether, it breathes my understanding of life and living as a dance — a constant, rhythmic movement through a sea of paradoxes:

· Strong enough to be weak.
· Successful enough to fail.
· Busy enough to take time.
· Wise enough to say in don’t know.
· Serious enough to laugh.
· Rich enough to be poor.
· Right enough to be wrong.
· Compassionate enough to be childlike.
· Conservative enough to give freely.
· Mature enough to be childlike.
· Righteousness enough to be a sinner.
· Important enough to be last.
· Courageous enough to fear God.
· Planned enough to be spontaneous.
· Controlled enough to be flexible.
· Free enough to endure captivity.
· Knowledgeable enough to ask questions.
· Loving enough to get angry.
· Great enough to be anonymous.
· Responsible enough to play.
· Assured enough to be rejected.
· Stable enough to cry.
· Victorious enough to lose.
· Industrious enough to relax.
· Leading enough to serve.

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